Christmas events & sales in DarkSwords

While the frost and snow have occupied streets, DarkSwords warms you with hot discounts and events. Do you want celebrate Christmas holidays with us? Just join!

Only until 3th of January you will get extra 25% to your platinum purchase (including prisms bonuses). Ask dealers for details.

Traditionally we offer you to take part in Christmas Lottery. This time, we have prepared a lot of good prizes for excellent mood. You can buy a lottery ticket at the artifact store in any city. Price for ticket is 10 pt. Lottery tickets will be opened at 5th of January, 2018. List of prizes can be viewed below.

Pet Energy Potion - Instantly restore the pet energy to 100%
Ice Fishing Set (2 items) - Same as Spincast, allows fishing at any dock.
Rune of Destruction (20 items) - can open any prism (non-soulbound).
Deportation to Isles (5 items) - box with deportations to Cronus, Centaurus and North.
Remove for choose (15 items) - allow you to select one of the elixirs: Remove Exhaustion or Remove Cooldown.
Piece of Cake 10% - +10% HP/MP gift. Can be used over "spheres" limit. Only one simultaneously.
Dynamite Stick (5 items) - stuns all characters in the choosen location for 10 seconds. When used on a ship, immediately gives a catch like the result of 100 fishing rod throwings.
Prism of Spender - after opening gives one of bags with vplat.
Snack for Familiar (2 items) - All gained experience is doubled and goes to the pet (the character does not get any experience). Duration — 1 hour.
100 Mogash Marks - gives currency Mogash Mark after usage.
Summon Firefly - summons pet Firefly. Its combat ability: dispel magic.
Megaphone (3 items) - if you keep it in inventory, the price of GRA-message will reduced to 1 pt. Has 5 uses.
Racial Ability to Choose (15 items) - Chest for choose with Race Ability potions.
Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy (2 items) - The effect of guaranteed monster hit. Does not disappear after death. Duration: 24 hours
Potion of Divine Reward - Combar exp gain x3. After each death 20% of current duration will be taken away (but no more than 60 minutes). Duration: 12 hours.

Travelling around the world and killing monsters you can get Gunpowder, Wick and Firecrackers Instruction. Collect the more firecrackers as you can! Each use of Firecrackers can add one level of "Ears Ringing" effect or dispels it. Who will get the highest level of "Ears Ringing" effect at the time of the morning restart, will receive 2 lotto tickets and other 4 winners 1 ticket.

It is possible to deliver gifts only by reindeers in such a weather with snowdrifts. But the Grandpa Winter has a great problem: the deers ran away and the ancient sleigh is broken. He's really not lucky today. Help him gather back all the deers, repair the sleigh. For your help you will get the Winter Souvenir. You can collect Souvenirs or exchange each Souvenir for the Red Prism (soulbond) or 5 Souvenirs for the New Year Lottery (soulbond with soulbond prizes). Three players who will collect Winter Souvenirs more than all and didn't spend them, will get a unique gift + 18% to any parameter for 3 months. Do not miss your chance!

The 2017 year is on the finish lane, we need to sum up the outgoing year and have a talk about the future hopes before New Year holiday. However, it seemed to us that it would be completely unfair if we will not hold the much-loved contest: "Mr. DarkSwords 2017” this year. Thus, the fight for the title of Mr. DS 2017 is declared open.​


On New Years Eve we have decided to hold a beloved contest of New Years avatars!


29% 22% 26% 23%

WAR is Coming
South Park
Way to Freedom

00:03 12/12
Highlanders Village
19:25 11/12
Citadel of Evil
20:42 11/12