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We enabled extra weekend bonuses that will last until the planned server restart 27 April.

2017-04-12: Easter

2017-03-21: March Bonuses

Only until the end of March we include super-bonuses for our players: x2 experience from bulletin boards and x3 gold from monsters! Also, all players also will get 2 weeks of free subscription artifacts 1.0, which can be activated in the store (any time you want). Most important! Only until the March 31th, get a 25% discount for eternal presents for plat or TP, as well as Rune of Destruction to all prisms you got for the platinum purchase!

Now is the best time to play, invite your friends to come back!

Congratulations all the players with the St. Patricks Day. Until the March 18th restart except the weekend bonus we have also included x3 gold from monsters !

2017-03-07: Happy Womens Day!

All best wishes on International women’s day. Keep shining and smiling always! A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself! Today is yours and so is every other day!

Be beautiful if you can, be wise if you want to, but to be respected - that is essential! Despite failures - you stand up. Despite sorrow - you cheer up. Despite the pain - you keep fighting! Keep dreaming to fly higher reaching new heights. Congratulations on March 8!

In honor of this wonderful holiday, we want to wish all players the fulfillment of their desires. By the way, why not make it possible in the game? After all, we have the Genie! This pet will give you what you really need. And we are just modestly adding it to the sale until 13th of March.

Also we have switched on the following bonuses:
  • Damage vs Monsters х1.5
  • Religion EXP х1.5
  • Professions EXP х1.5

Happy holiday!

Sincerely yours,
Dark Swords Administration

2017-02-23: Bonuses
Only 23th of February:
  • No durability loss in PvP and PvE
  • No religion experience loss
  • Religion Experience: X 2.0
  • Damage vs Monsters X 2.0
  • Gold from Monsters X 2.0 (in Chaos only)

2017-02-12: Bonuses
  • No durability loss in PvP and PvE
  • No religion experience loss
  • Religion Experience: X 2.0
  • Damage vs Monsters X 2.0

Tomorrow at 21:00 server time all players who are logged in will receive a Prize Lottery. Double-clicking the lottery item will reveal the prize. Prize is selected randomly from: x10 Vaccine, Horn of Plenty, x10 Destruction Rune, Chest: Assortment of 380 Items, Potion of Generosity, Select-an-Amphora x 100. All the items can be passed down to other characters.

2017-02-10: Valentines Day


2017-02-03: Quiz Event 1


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