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This weekend there will be a series of underground PvP tournaments. We encourage all players to participate in this event. Prizes will be given to the winners! More details on forum.

Time schedule:
Saturday 26.05
15.00 GMT for levels 280+
16.00 GMT for levels 140-179
21.00 GMT for levels 260-279
22.00 GMT for levels 100-139

Sunday 27.05
15.00 GMT for levels 220-259
16.00 GMT for levels 75-99
21.00 GMT for levels 180-219
22.00 GMT for levels 50-74

NOTE: more details about the tournament on forum

Today (01.05.07) there is going to be a small quest for high levels.
Background information: Runaway Prison has escaped from Prison and managed to steal football balls from FIFA Federation. FIFA Federation has placed a bounty of total 100.000 gold on his head. Soccer balls have to be found and returned, so the championship will go as planned. Everybody who is online will get one official euro football as appreciation from FIFA Federation in case of success.
Time: At 21.00 GTM (London time), Runaway Prisoner will appear at Travelers Well and make his way to Port Zarijam.
Mission: It is essential that he is stopped before he reaches harbor and escapes once again on a boat.

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