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2013-09-11: Hide and Seek!

Summer has ended and Autumn is starting. As the leaves begin to fall, we look back on all the fun that had happened during those Summer months, and start to look towards the future.
Though responsibilities such as school and work can be daunting, there is always the chance to have more fun!

So let's play hide and seek!
On the 14th and 15th of September, hungry staff members will hide around Tharassos. If you bring the first staff member a piece of cheese, in return you will receive an item that you can give to the next staff member.
The first 3 people to find and feed the three staff members in hiding will win a prize. Prizes include Divine Encouragement, Divine Reward and Unexcelled Accuracy pots, all 12 hours duration.

A clue to the location of the first hiding staff member will mark the start of the event and clues to the 2nd and third hiding staff member's location will be given out once the previous staff member has been found and fed.
Then event will occur two times per day, at 10:00 GMT and 15:00 GMT.

The event is open for everyone but due to the hiding places of the staff members we think it will be suitable for players over lvl 200.

As we get constant requests from players and orders for avatars and artifact upgrades are still placed - we decided to extend this summer event for one more day!
All the discounts of this incredible offer are valid for the September 10th.
So don't miss your chance and order now!

Our congratulations are going to Zamalek. With his message he has won a free wedding. Main pastor will contact you in game with details on how to collect your prize.

Congratulations and thanks for all who participated and made this event possible!

2013-08-22: Best day of Summer!

Summer is going to end soon, but weather is still hot. Sun is burning and only nights bring in some cooler breeze. What can be more fun than sit back, relax and play your favorite game? Our new offers can be more fun! August 22 till September 9 DarkSwords bring in incredible offers and discounts to celebrate those days!

It is summertime on DarkSwords, the time of sunshine.
Is there a person you see as the sun of your DS life? Then here is your chance to express your feelings to that person and win a free wedding or free wedding picture!

Read more in a forum topic, participate and win!

Event is held from August 12th til August 19th.

We are proud to announce you winners of our annual contest:
This year crown of Mr Darkswords, as well as 2.000.000 gold and 10% mana and health buff goes to Stemichri!
And the title of Ms DarkSwords is given to Lithium Lullaby - together with 10% mana and health buff and 2.000.000 gold.

Congratulations to winners and thanks for all who participated and made this event possible - players, admins and moderators.
And more very special thanks to our beloved trader/moderator Lithium Lullaby, who created pictures for contest awards.

2012-10-30: Halloween event!
On 31st October, at 22:00 SERVER TIME, we will have a little fun event to celebrate Halloween.

2x rates (damage, experience, gold, and religion experience) are now active, until server restart on 1st November. See you there!

Double damage and experience from monsters from 14 until 16 of April.
From 13 until 22 of April the price for ordering personal artifacts is reduced by 40% (60 pt discount for weapons, 40 pt for armor, 20 pt for jewelry.).

Results for Cats quest are in! Uncle Ruckus destroyed the competition by winning 6 of the 8 prizes in their respective categories.

Brute Cat: Uncle Ruckus
Cat Abigore: Uncle Ruckus
Cat Jean-Pierre: trixie
Cat Rico: Uncle Ruckus
Cat Thomas: Uncle Ruckus
Meow Cat: Uncle Ruckus
Showoff Cat: Uncle Ruckus
Fluffy: trixie
More info HERE

Let's celebrate the holiday of love with reduced prices for weddings!
Regular weddings will be just 20 platinum, while golden weddings will be 120 platinum.
Consult a pastor for booking.
Prices in effect from 13 to 20 February.
More info on weddings can be found here.

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