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Saint Valentine's Day is just around the corner, ah.. this sweet feeling inside of you when you spend hours in the stores searching for the special gift or needed ingredients for the hand made chocolate, then late at night you are trying to wrap the gift and make something out of the chocolate bars that you have bought earlier. Just keep in mind that the gift is just an excuse to be able to tell the one you love how you really feel!

It's a great time to bound yourself with your second half - new couples that will book the wedding and get married from 11 till 18 of February will receive a discount of 80 platinum for the ceremony, so the Golden wedding will cost 20pt and Platinum 120pt.
All couples that got married during 11-18 February will gain a double damage against monsters.

Also at this time on 11-18 of February monsters of your level will drop pieces of Valentines puzzles (total 9 pieces of 3x3 puzzle with a receipt in the middle), that could be brewed together in a Valentine Heart (can be given to another player). By using it a character gets a Heart as a gift (without parameters).

34% 27% 20% 19%

Ninjas in Pyjamas
Black Scorpions

Seastone Sewers
03:29 18/02
Arkijah Town
09:13 17/02
Fish Market
20:46 17/02