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The New Years Gifts are released!
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The long awaited Underground teles and mass teles have arrived! Along with the religion traps!
*Mass teleports teleport the group around when used by group leader.
*Traps catch characters of their respective religion (or any religion but the user's one for Universal Trap), preventing them from moving for like 30 seconds and will produce a message to the trap owner. First trap uses up 1 trap potion.. 2nd one uses 2, 3rd one uses 3 and so on. The traps will last until the owner leaves the game for more than 15 minutes (or until server restarts).
*Magic mirror sends a message to the owner when some player character steps into the location where Magic Mirror was placed. You can only have one mirror and it will last until you disconnect and stay offline for 15 minutes or until the server restarts.

Happy Christmas to all, may your holidays bring nothing but good cheer!

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Ninjas in Pyjamas

Seastone Town
10:57 26/01
Fishers Village
01:21 26/01
Bandits Camp
19:08 25/01