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If you are an experienced player, and you are willing to participate in development of our server, you are ready to undertake the big responsibility and not afraid of spending lots of time explaining novice players the basics of the gameplay or moderating game chat, if you want to try yourself in a new role - well, then you definitely should pay attention to this news.
We offer you a vacancy in a support service of DarkSwords (Heroes).
- Exellent knowledge of all aspects of the game process
- Fluent english
- An ability to spend minimum 5 hours per day in the game
- Politeness, patience
- Punctuality
- Discipline
- An ability to work in team

If you feel that you meet all requirements, please send your CV to support@darkswords.eu. Please specify your age, education, languages you know, occupation, location (or time zone), experience in game and(or) moderating. The CV written on any language except for english will be ignored.

35% 29% 18% 18%

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Fishers Seaside
18:37 26/02
Demons Web
19:57 26/02
Miners Village
19:47 26/02