Updates | Free Online RPG Fantasy Game MMORPG DarkSwords
  • Being in a group, use a click (single or double) with the Ctrl button held down on avatar to show the entire group a specific goal;
  • In religious messages is shown with a special icon when one of the players is under the effect of Out of Law;
  • When switching between clones, the effects from Relig Potions do not subside now;
  • The limit has been removed due to which it was sometimes impossible to drink the Relig Potions;
  • If you right-click on any items, you can now add them to your Favorites, and in the inn, bar and shops (official and private) you can now show only favorites items;
  • Items of equipment with modifiers now have a symbol [*] in the name to facilitate the search;
  • The Plutonia Region has become the Zone of Chaos;
  • Fixed the cost of creating clones and many other minor bugs;
  • Added New Years emoticons;

Most of the updates require the client version, which can be downloaded HERE

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Ninjas in Pyjamas

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