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  • The "Battle chat in a separate window" became available in the Steam client;
  • In the Steam client appeared Service Shop;
  • In the Bulletin Board window you can now select the reward for the quests you buy;
  • In the map window, entering the location number is always active. You can go to the entered point by pressing Enter;
  • Element List in the map window now contains the base of regions by kingdom;
  • The status of Element List in the map window is now saved correctly;
  • Almost all windows are now closed by the ESC button;
  • On "Powerup" button, the number of Grindstones and Catalysts is shown in thousands;


Upcoming events:

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Forgotten Warriors

Seastone Sewers
19:12 21/07
Ancient Ruins
19:03 21/07
Port Zarijam
19:12 21/07