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2019-05-27: Potions Testing
Fixed bugs and improvements on the results of the first day of testing:
1) Very Magical Scanner is now silent, without "ringing in the ears" (already working)
2) Fixed a message from Potion of Divine Vision for all scanners (after restart)
3) Isolation Sphere can be removed if you switch between clones on a star (after restart)
4) Isolation Sphere and Cloaking Device now give the effect of 60 minutes (already running)
5) The effects time of the Isolation Sphere and Cloaking Device are now cumulative (after restart)

26% 21% 29% 24%

Forgotten Warriors

Seastone Town
05:56 20/06
Fishers Village
19:20 19/06
Miners Village
19:21 19/06