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There will be no crazy Monday, however, today and tomorrow we will conduct a small open beta testing of the new alchemy. All characters of 360 level and more who will be in the game will receive several potions of new alchemy for a day, which, after a day, will be disabled. Players who find bugs and write about them on the forum will be rewarded with palladium (count at the discretion of the administration). In the future, after correcting the errors found, such potions will be added for palladium.

Potions distribution time will be on May 26 at 18:00 and at 23:00 server time, on May 27 - after restart at 12:15 at 19:00.
Potions stop working May 28 after restart.

  • High Tier Magical Scanner is an analogue of a Magical Scanner, but acts even on players hidden by the Magical Cloud Sphere.
  • Potion of Solitude - when used in combat, instantly turns on the solo mode. Cannot be used by dwarves in quest zones (including Antique China)
  • Cloaking Device - the character under the effect of the potion is not visible on the mirrors
  • Isolation Sphere - the user cannot be seen by other players compasses while under this effect, but the character cannot teleport

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Warriors of God
Way to Freedom

Town Park
18:54 17/09
Hemp Field
06:48 17/09
Iron Caves
06:46 17/09