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2018-11-01: PVM updates
  • The following potions have been disabled: Potion of Divine Absorb, Potion of Divine Empathy, Potion of Divine Reflect, Elixir of Divine Generosity, Divine Power-up
  • The Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy is not being phased out just yet, but it will continue to have effect only in the Ancient China lands.
  • Gold sourced from the monsters increased significantly
  • Ingredient prices raised significantly
  • Privately-owned shops will have been forcefully expired. The rent extension price has been temporarily lowered to 1 pt so the owners can fix the prices during the week.
  • Respawn time was increased for the unique monsters (bosses). The bosses are to undergo changes in the nearest future
  • The sell prices for artifact equipment obtained from monsters is planned to be increased in 3 days

27% 24% 19% 30%

Forgotten Warriors
Ninjas in Pyjamas

Fishers Seaside
00:18 24/03
Seastone Sewers
00:18 24/03
Lake of Sorrow
00:17 24/03