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  • Now in The Store, you can exchange Virtual Platinum for Mogash Marks at the rate of 10 to 1
  • You can exchange a maximum of 500 Virtual Platinum per week.
  • Now you can take quests for getting 5 and 25 tags from NPC Mogash
  • These items were removed from Mogash store: Mechanic Mower, Crucible Furnace, Spincast Rod, Extractor
  • NPC Mogash can give a quest with Mogash Chest as reward, which contains the items removed from the store. The cost of exchanging the chest is reduced to 500 Shackles Keys.

23% 24% 21% 32%

Black Scorpions
Warriors of God

Hemp Field
00:46 23/08
Seastone Sewers
18:40 22/08
Travellers Well
14:07 22/08