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2018-07-01: Independence Day

If it wasn’t for the soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary war and all the other wars that protected our freedoms, America wouldnt be as free as it is today. DarkSwords wishes you a happy Independence Day, and thank you to all the veterans both living and dead. Happy 4th of July!

During the July 1-4 following bonuses will be on:
  • We will add extra 25% for any platinum purchase via dealers!
  • You can buy a new unique pet "Eagle" (Genie like) in platinum alchemical shops for 750pt.
  • x1.5 Religion EXP
  • x2 Professions EXP
  • x2 Bulletin boards EXP
  • x1.5 DMG to monsters
  • No durability loss for artifacts from monsters

31% 19% 19% 31%

Way to Freedom
Black Scorpions

Fishers Village
12:06 16/02
Bandits Camp
12:06 16/02
North Wooden Fort
18:37 16/02