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2018-03-03: Crazy Monday 5

Next Mondays we will change some game rules just for one day, that will make world absolutely insane. Try to get a new gaming experience from the DS.

March 5, 2018. A little madness today. So, you can meet our friend Leo in 20 different regions. The girls should give him a slap and the guys beat him, to put a stop to his grin... In other words, Leo will drop the special gift that can be sold or presented to your beloved on March 8 (or any other day). Every gift is unique. There are different gift in every region. Also, Leo needs time to recover, so he will appear about 25-30 minutes after he was defeated.

24% 20% 24% 32%


Town Park
06:59 23/01
Fishers Village
00:21 23/01
Bandits Camp
19:47 22/01