Updates | Free Online RPG Fantasy Game MMORPG DarkSwords
  • Added ability to save up to 2 sets of currently carried inventory items in the Inn / Bar area. The players can use these to save and then quickly retrieve the items, or replenish the current inventory from Inn or Bar;
  • When replacing, selling or buying items, and when dragging items with CTRL held the window to enter count of item will now additionally have the picture of the item;
  • It should now be an option to dismiss mentor after reaching 200 character combat level (not possible previously). This update is planned to be gradually released during the next 3 days after the client version release;
  • The Acorns will again take place of the Halloween Pumpkin;
  • Added "Burn All" context menu option to every Furnace in existance.


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Thug Life

Dead Swamp
20:57 18/09
Cows Farm
23:10 18/09
Goblins Mine
09:47 19/09