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Blade, Axe and Polearm Mastery skills has been added. These will increase damage output of sword and dagger, axe and mace, spear and staff respectively by level of the skill. So the 80/100 axe with 3 levels of Axe Mastery will become 80/100 + 240/400.

We have addressed the ongoing issue with inexperienced mages being able to use spells with massive destructive power (Fire Wind, Frost Blast and Lightning Bolt) with ease. Focusing magical powers to cast these spells was never supposed to be easy, so since now characters will have to skip any combat seplls in a round following casting these spells if the character does not have the degree of Bachelor in Magic (this skill may be learned in the Academy of Combat Magic).

Additionally, there were changed to buffing spells mechanism - effects providing percentage bonuses will now be added together before modifying the parameter instead of affecting the results of modification.

- We have changed the level limit for attack eligibility in chaotic zones to be 1/4th of level of the character being attacked. Thus, a level 100 character will be only eligible to attack 80 through 125 level people half their level and not twice as higher in the chaos zones if it is not due to the religious or clan cnflict.
- Non-player character stats has been reduced to the correct values.
- We have added an rlvl command which when entered in a guild will try and reduce the level of your character in the current guild alongside with character level totals. This command is only available once in 24 hours. Please make sure the guild a level in which you are going to remove is not required for any other guilds your character has trained in.

2007-02-16: Fixes and Additions
- Survival Specialist skill has been added to the Elite School of Survival. This skill gives the character bonus hitpoints equal to her level multiplied by 6.
- Extra Life skill has been added to the Academy of Life. It gives the character an ability to sometimes raise from the dead instantly if she gets killed.
- Made some changes to Damage and Maximum HP formulae.
- The Tomb zone has been added.

Make sure you update your clients to the current version which is

Clan allianced can now be created. Among other things to come the regular clan chat will be sent to every clan member of allied clans.
New clan leader commands are as follows:
-ally_add [Clan name] [Alliance name] [Alliance Tag] - create an alliance and invite the selected clan to join it;
-ally_add [Clan name] - invite the clan to an existing alliance;
-ally_accept [Clan name] - accept the invitation to join an alliance sent by selected clan;
-ally_decline - decline all and any alliance invitations;
-ally_quit - leave the alliance. An alliance will automatically disband when the last clan decides to leave it.

It is now impossible to attack monsters in Lawful Zones if they are currently fighting a player who does not belong to your party.

It is now possible to enchant wearable items to grant Resistance even if the item in question has already been enchanted. The new enchantment will replace the old one.

2007-02-08: Last Minute Changes
Your character will not be tagged an outlaw if you loot a corpse of a player under next circumstances:
-if you are in a Chaos Zone;
-if you or your fellow party members have killed the character;
-if the corpse in question belongs to your clanmate and they are online.
Please be aware that the corpses that lie around currently do not carry the information about the killer and thus looting them in a non-chaos zone will mean a bounty on your head.

Character with level lower than 11 is not allowed to loot player corpses at all. An attempt to do so will result in a tip-like message which explains the rights-and-wrongs.

You will no longer be marked as a criminal if you attack a criminal.

2007-02-08: Tweaks and Outlaw tag
-Added Outlaw tag. Characters tagged as Outlaw will have a little blood drop icon on their portraits.
Characters may be tagged outlaw for healing and buffing monsters, dispelling characters that cannot fight them back, looting corpses of fellow players and using Sleight of Hand skill on other characters.
Characters which are marked as criminals can be attacked anywhere (albeit not in Safe Zones) and by anyone regardless of their level.
Please be cautious when attacking criminals, because your character will also be flagged as one for a few seconds if the criminal is not an eligible target for you under normal circumstances!
-Sleight of Hand skill can now be used anywhere (apart from totally Safe Zones such as Guilds, Shops etc). Your character will be flagged as criminal for an attempt to steal from a fellow player.
-Iron Skins no longer can be cast while the character is engaged in a fight.
-Fixed an irritating bug in Disarm skill routines that could result in lost items.
-Tumble skill will cease working if the character has Stun affect on her.
-Added Astral Carnival spell that increases Magic damage parameter of a character. This spell can only be cast on self.
-Added Spellcasting Prodigy skill that gives an opportunity to cast two spells (attack spell and generic one) during one round.
-Added Elemental Harmony skill that negates the differences in Elemental damage (making the minimum damage 1.0 multiplied by regular spell damage and maximum damage of any attack spell 1.3 times the regular spell damage).
-Added Ingenious Tactics skill that allows the character to add her Intelligence ability value to her Armor Class.
-Added Focus Attack skill that when used will greatly increase the chances of scoring a hit dealing Maximum damage.
-Added Sanctuary spell that if successfully used will divide all incoming physical and magical damage.
-Shield of Faith will have its chance to absorb an attack spell doubled if the character is equipped with a Wand.
-Defensive Chance will have its chance to parry an attack doubled if the character is using a shield.
-Disabled Auto-Attack option in player-versus-player combat.
-Added Beacon, Return Beacon and Death Beacon magical potions.
-Fleeing out of combat will automatically fail if the only exit from the current location is locked.
-There were some changes to the guild bonuses.
-Fixed numerous minor glitches and spelling errors.

2007-01-26: Server Update
There has been a major server update. Details can be found here. Please do not hesitate to ask Helpers if you need a detailed explanation on how certain things work now.

2007-01-04: Changelog
Changed some basic parameters formulae. Strength and Dexterity characteristics were effectively doubled in their influence on Chance to Hit, Armor and physical Damage derived parameters.
Monsters have gained access to more skills (Disarm, Open Wounds, Stun, Defensive Stance, Mental Hit) and spells. In particular, monsters above level 500 will use more powerful versions of attack spells. Keep in mind, that monsters do not need to have certain weapons equipped to use skills, which normally require characters to wield those weapons, however only monsters higher than level 100 will use Open Wounds, Stun or Disarm skills. Boss-type monsters will use Dispel Magic and Web spells.
Monsters above level 750 will also use buffing spells to match up with their player-controlled opponents.
Fixed an error with characters parrying Backstab.
Characters under Open Wounds effect as well as characters in their vicinity will receive messages about actual damage taken.
Colossal Endurance will protect a character both from Stun and Disarm skills (however it doesnt mean that it makes character completely invulnerable to these skills).
While disarmed a character with full inventory will not drop the weapon but she will rather drop an item from inventory in order to put the weapon there.
Open Wounds, Backstab, Disarm and Stun will not trigger if the character is doing less than 1 damage to her target.
Some locations now will require keys in order to pass through them. These can be created, found as trophies or sometimes bought. All the keys are not consumed by using them, however they can be looted from characters bodies.
Added more client-side options to the Player List filters.
Added animation for the status icon when a new effect is being added (or old one is being altered).
Hotkeys 1 through 5 can be used to equip wearable stuff, wield weapons as well as drink potions. Double-clicking a recipe in inventory will open its contents.
While moving the character will receive information about the surrounding areas as well as the one she steps in.
Added "Cursed Castle", "Lost Pyramid" (accessible by drinking a certain teleport potion) zones.

2007-01-04: Server Update
The server is down for a planned update. It should not take longer than an hour (ETA ~ 12-00 GMT). You may meanwhile start updating your game clients to Stay tuned.

2007-01-03: Here Ye Here Ye
Word from the Gods For every Site that requries a vote we make top 10 on that site we will recieve 1 day of 2x gold so if all 7 vote sites DS makes top 10 that would mean a week straight of 2x GOLD!

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