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2007-04-11: Enchant Scrolls
Items, level of which is higher than 260, will be enchanted by scrolls of 260th.
There were pieces of equipment distilled to shops that will allow you to extract and alloy essence of fabulity.

You can now use the wimpy command with an argument to set and reset the level of health in percents you would like your characters to try fleeing the combat.

Cure Self and Heal spells effect is now divided by two if it is you yourself a target. It works formally otherwise.

2007-04-11: Change List pt.2.
There were changes to Dual Wield skill allowing the user to handle weapon abnormally resulting to a penalty to those, who try to disarm them.

Tigers Strength, Owls Wisdom, Feline Grace and Steel Body now consolidate in a guild named the guild of Enchanters.

Affects of parameter affecting spells are in a field of numbers instead of values now. This is why they will only affect you for 16 through 224 of points. The initiual value held depends on native value of this or other parameters (as in 112 for an orc with 64 + 16 of Strength or same with a Drow).

2007-04-11: Change List
Sweeping Swing: This skills allows those who posses it to literally bring the opponents to their knees. Characters knocked down suffer double damage if hit by physical weapon.

Counter Attack: This allows a character which hit misses or is being parried to act in the same round with target. This produces an out-of-turn hit. The hit is handled if it were dealt to the attacker.

We have moved the Bachelor of Magick skill to 15th level of Academy of Combat Magic.

There were changes to the games overall balance.
This way, weve decided to remove the following skills and spells: Firm Grip, Massacring Blow and Striking Blade.
In order to keep the balance the following changes have been made:

Layered Defense is now available in the Academy of Protection. This skill allows the character to carry her HP onto the shield once in 150 secibds, This way the characters in question ceases losing hits while under teh affect of the skill. This action lasts for 10 minutes and is reusable every 150 seconds.

Break Shield: this skill acts upon a successful attack and negates any bonuses on the off-hand weapon or shield of opponent. The affect lasts for 5 combat ticks.

Disembowel: Upon learning this craft in the schools of barbarian skill one learned, if wielding an axe, is able to gut the opponent causing them to lose points in Maximum HP value of theirs. This affect lasts for up to 5 combat rounds.

Carnage: This skill allows a character to dissolve the essense of their target, leaving them 5% of health and mana points less and under the affect of Searing Pain. This affect prevents one from using empowered spells.

* Characters with religion level of 0 cannot be attacked in Religion Wars zones on the grounds of religious conflict. They of course can still be attacked if they go criminal, or participate in clan war or are in a Chaos Zone.
* Astral Carnival skill will now increase the base damage of your attack spells (but not the modifier, which is base unmodified spell damage divided by 200).
* Players should now be able to identify the skills of the monsters by looking at the tool-tip on the monster image. The disciplines monsters are skilled in are divided in groups each one with an appropriate title.
* Evil monsters have also learned some new tricks: Bloody Carnage, which damages the target for 5% of total health and mana and also leaves a Searing Pain effect on her; Disembowel - which is a hex that lowers the maximum of health points; Counter-attack that allows them to actually counter-attack; Focus Attack.
* Characters that are currently in Stealth but visible to you cannot be distinguished by their avatars, and also their equipment cannot be seen. * There has also been some, we hope, very satisfying changes to the Stealth skill formulae which should make it more reliable.

2007-03-31: Stealth
Stealh skill has been re-worked. Some characters will now have an easier time detecting hidden characters, and some perhaps will be not able to do that at all. Also, we introduce a cooldown equal to 15 minus skill level divided by two to the Stealth Skill. This means a character is able to try to hide herself as often as 15 seconds at 1st level of the skill and 5 seconds at 20th.

Recently we have added a few new abilies to both players and npcs.

These include:
Shield Block - this innate ability, which is naturally mostly used by player characters gives 15% chance for attacker to hit the off-hand item of yours. If there is a shield or any item your character carries off-hand the amount of damage taken by her will be reduced by Absorb value of the item as a percentage. So if you wand gives you 0 absorb, please do not expect damage reduction.
Break Shield - this ability for now is only available to NPCs (those, which have levels in Maulers Guild). It allows the character to sometimes land a stunning blow to their opponent completely disabling any equipment that is carried by the opponent in their left hand.
Armor of Faith - this ability now has a chance to block hostile affects like Dispel Magic, Entangle or Gaze.

2007-03-30: 2xGold :)
In occation of April 1st (international day of laughter) there will be 2x Gold from Friday 30th of March to Sunday 1st of April.

- Re-wrote the so-called autopilot feature. This will hopefully remove any distance limits and finally get it working correctly. Pressing N key will cause client to cease auto-walking.
- Added an ability to mark up to 10 places you may like to travel to in the future.

- Added color-coded markers to the automap.
- Added a marker for the location the character died in recently.
- Added a feature that allows use to send their character to a distant locations on the automap. To do so double-click the location on the automap.
- Added a feature that allows to edit user comments for locations on the automap.
- Added a button for Reduce Level feature to the Guild window.
- Users may now cycle targets with ~ key on the keyboard (usually above the TAB key).
- Character control hotkeys will now work regardless of which client child window is on the foreground.

Server-side there were some minor fixes to the autoquest system.

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