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The parameters on regular artifacts of 3 wear types: waist, chest and neck have been modified. Check the artifact stores for details. A few helms for magic users (220th and 260th levels) have also been added.

We are updating regular (not personal) artifacts in order to make more players interested in them. The regular artifacts which will be changed so they cost less then they used to will be removed from the possessions of their owners and the old cost of such artifacts in platinum will be added to their owners bank accounts. It is now possible to use Platinum Bars to add essences to regular artifacts as well as personal ones. However the regular artifacts that has not been updated yet will receive the increase of Wondrous bonuses as if they were artifacts with added grade of 0.4.

2007-09-21: v
- Catalysts and Grindstones will no longer count toward MaxItemCount of Inns and Clan Inns.
- Multiple character statuses feature has been implemented.
- Pressing Alt will toggle the display of levels and names of characters and monsters by their avatars.
- The blueprints for catalysts, grindstones and alchemist wares can now be read in Laboratories and Shops.
- Added the buttons for clan leader set_born and set_unborn functions (only applicable if the clan has a Clan Castle).
- The Raise Flag ability can now be cancelled by using it again when its being cast.
- Optimized the routine which handles the character initialization when opening the game client.
- Added a feature which allows administrators to boot players from game for a few minutes (for technical reasons mainly).

On the 19th of September one of our players passed from this world. Bane was dear to many of our players and a respected Hero until his health did not permit him to continue that part of the game.
Our thoughts goes to him and his family. You will always be a part of us..

The Cities have been cleansed from the thiefs!
"Sleight of Hand" has been disabled in the starting towns.

We have added an opportunity for players with personal artifacts to have their Arifact power factors affect Wondrous modifications of the artifacts. In order to do so the player needs to purchase a Platinum Bar (sold at the same shop Extractors are being sold at) and have it in their possession when they add an essence to the artifact.
The Wondrous Items page has been edited to reflect this change. Please keep in mind, that it will not be possible to add a platinum bar to an artifact while adding Reflect or Damage Shield bonus. Players who currently own modified personal artifacts will have to re-apply essences along with Platinum Bars to the items in order to get full bonus.

From today, unique monsters may drop special scrolls for creation of grindstone (picture above, first row) and catalyst (picture above, second row). These scrolls needs different ingridiense: piece of clothes, crystals (picture below). Scrolls has durability and can be used 30 times, giving 50 items each time.

By creating grindstone and catalysators you can use them in battle against monsters only. Grindstone increase physical damage, catalyst increase magical damage. These items needs to be used with every strike, since they are used every fighting round.
Players have a new command: \powerup, it turns off and on use of whetstonecatalyst.
Important Scrolls for creation of grindstone and catalyst, can only be read from backpack by double click on it by right mouse button. (Not possible to read them in labaratory).
Usage of scrolls and items
Up to 74 level: Light catalyst and Light grindstone (scrolls are given from unique monsters up to 100lvl)
From 75-139 level: Normal catalyst and Normal grindstone (scrolls are given from unique monsters up to 200lvl)
From 140-239 level: Heavy catalyst and Heavy grindstone (scrolls are given from unique monsters up to 300lvl)
From 240 level and above: Perfected catalyst and Perfected grindstone (scrolls are given from unique monsters from 400 level)

2007-09-13: DeliveryBoy Quest
All players lvl 260 + have been asked by Dr. Koney to deliver some items for him at his island as he is busy in his laboratory. You will be given a Bottle of Alcohol to deliver to Priest and ToastMaster. Anyone completing their misson will receive 50 000 gold for each bottle returned to either of these two.

Your Quest Teleport will send you to Mutant Forest. From there you will have two choises: 1) be the first to Mutant Chine Dump to get a reward, or 2) be the first to Mutant Farm Bank. The first group/single player to arrive Chine Dump will receive a 1 million gold reward and first to arrive Farm Bank will receive a 2 million gold reward. If you are a part of a group that show up first you will split the price amongst yourselves. You can not be able to get both prizes!

NOTE! Please keep in mind that you will lose/gain religion and clan exp at this quest! Grouping is allowed. If you die you will be given a quest returner. Survivors will be teleported back, all you need to do is stay next to Priest or ToastMaster.

Quest time 16.September:
In London: 20.00 (8pm)
In Europe (GMT+1): 21.00 (9pm)
In Moscow (GMT+3): 00.00 (midnight)
In Japan (GMT+9): 06.00 (6am)
In EST (GMT-5): 15.00 (3pm)
In CST (GMT-6): 14.00 (2pm)
In PST (GMT-8 ): 12.00 (noon)

2007-08-28: v
- Added Soft filter option (on by default) that allows to disable incoming messages about combat actions which do not specifically affect the user.
It is highly recommended to turn it on during massive battles (might also help dial-up users out there).

2007-08-06: v
- Brand-new connection window
- Added compatibility for new quest types
- Ability to buy items in stacks
hold CTRL to buy 10 items;
hold SHIFT+CTRL to buy 5 items
- Added an option to disable download of gfx
- It is now possible to expand the client by clicking the tray icon
- Fixed a few errors that occured while closing the client

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