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2007-04-30: Backstab Fix
Fixed a bug with Frenzy affecting backstab damage. Anyone who spent any Reset Uses has received an additional one.

In order to make changes to your character please visit this page. Keep in mind that you will have 4 more tries for 24 hours since your first attempt.
We have given an opportunity to change bonuses of personal artifacts, free of charge - once for each of your personal artifact.
Press here to enter artefact site

2007-04-30: Recent updates..
Library The section on Magics and Skills have been updated.

Guilds have been moved.
- You need Elite Guild of Healers in order to take Guild of Enchanters and School of Alteration.

- You need to have completed Middle School of Might to be able to train in School of Survival.

- You need Middle school of Mind to start School of Wisdom.

The "Human" race has received racial bonuses +15 % to influence each of the base characteristic (Power, Health, Dexterity, Mind). These bonuses will be reflected in parameters of the character in the new client, but will be in affect already now.

Final addition - Web Spell can now be learned in School of Alteration.

- In Academy of the Life and Protection the opportunity to study skill Expert on Survival has been added.

- Elemental Mastery has been added to the Guild of Sorcerers.

- In School of Wisdom you will now find the skill Self-hypnosisAutohypnosis which allows the character to recycle in a condition of meditation on 50 % from maximal mana for 1 cycle of regeneration.

Schools of Athletics have been added and built up. In them following skills are studied: - Titanic Might raises the carrying capacity of the character according to your lvls in might + your starting stats in constitution. Artefacts and items are not taken into consideration.

- Vigor increases the health of the character by lvl of skill * the chars natural constitution. Example: with 50 lvls in constitution, every lvl in Vigor will give +50 HP.
It also increase HP regeneration of the character by a level of skill which = the root of base of constitution guilds. Example: the square root of 50 lvls in constitution gives +7 HP regeneration.

- Extreme Metabolism reduces the intervals of regeneration of the character (regenerate faster). The spaces between regeneration will look like this: up to 4-4-2 steps at 1st level, 3-3-3-1 step at 2nd level and 2-2-2-2-2 at the 3rd level of skill.

Magic Damage: the damage of the staff (that is a level of a staff and bonuses from Dragonhead Staff). Now the minimum and maximum damage of a staff has been doubled.

1) Magical Damage. The damage of the spell is accumulated like this: DAM= (ND+ND*LS)*R*(1+C)+MDAM*(1+[SMnD...SMxD]/100)
ND - A nominal damage of a spell;
LS - Level of Combat Magic;
R - Coefficient of scattering of magic;
MDAM - Magic damage of character;
SMnD ... SMxD - A random chosen number between minimum and maximum damage of staff (taking into account the skill of Dragon Staff);
C - Effect of Astral Carnival expressed as decimal fraction, i.e. 0.1, 0.2...1.0

2) Skills: Dagger Mastery, Axe Mastery and similar, now also influence on the bonus (magic, artifact, "wonderful") damage of the weapon.

3) Harmony of elements. The skill that negates the differences in Elemental damage. Now makes damage of any attack spell 1.3 times the regular spell damage.

4) Everyone is invited to visit a new zone: Mutant Chine on Dr. Kronys Island

Among the other things which may happen not to be to your liking we have added a hotkey to swap weapons in your main and off-hand. This can now be done by pressing "X" key.

2007-04-16: Healing & Assassins
We have removed the obligatory limits for healing spells. No matter what level of Cure or Heal you have you will have the ability to cure targets for 80% of their HP, or your HP respectively.

The mana cost for these spells has been adjusted accordingly: you will be able to cure 12 hp spending 1 point of mana for Cure and its five times more for the Heal.
I reinstate, the effect is always 80% whether its the targets maximum HP for Cure spell, or 80% of your maximum HP for the Heal Spell.

If you have no mana at all or you lack mana to heal all the amount of HP the target lacks, you will heal any HP you can.

Done with HP and Cure we go onto
Backstab It is now twice as easy to put the open wounds effect onto the opponent if you stab them.
The Open Wounds effect deals twice as less effect in percents, but lasts twice as much.
As of now, the Attack Foci means as much damage as Backstab does, even if it is not a critical or regular hit.

Please do keep in mind that Attack Focus will bring chances of you succeeding with a melee attack to unimaginable values, and that will not go as well during you stabbing target in their back.

2007-04-13: Guild Manifest
Way of Dragon, Order of Dragon and Magistrate of Dragon guilds have now officially been disbanded.

Guild of Warriors has closed its doors to students, and lifts all the responsibility for its students. We ask not much - do understand and remember us, fellow warriors, keep the standard high, - told us now ex-Master Warrior.

In light of recent events the powers that be grant each and everyone a FREE preliminary character guild reset which will be followed with a

Final Character Guild Reset 30th of April

There might be changes in the schedule.

2007-04-13: Balance Improvement
* Backstab skill now only treats the right hand of your character in order to determine the damage. The damage dealt is rougly equal to the right-hand weapon damage increased by Dagger Mastery skills and spells like Frenzy multiplied by half of her skill in Backstab.
* Guild and Academy of Robbery were replaced by School, Middle School and Elite School Fencing.
* Sleight of Hand skill has been transferred to the Assasins Guilds.
* We have added the Dagger Mastery skill to the Schools of Fencing which brings your faithful dagger damage up.
* We have also moved the Tumble skill into the Schools of Fencing.
* Elite School of Fencing is also proud to present the Weapon Parry skill that allows user to treat an off-hand weapon as a shield in terms of parrying blows.
* Guilds of Martial Arts do not stand aside the overall improvement. The guildmasters has added a whole new guild on top of Guild and (now) Elite Guild of Martial Arts - the Academy of Martial Arts.
* Sorcerer Guilds now feature the passive learnable ability to master the art of combat magic with the Elemental Mastery skill, that adds more power to the innate damage of the elemental spells the character is learned in.
* Martial Arts teachers now feature the Seeking Blade skill that will make your character hit even while she misses; they also teach those, who are worthy to deal more damage with their swords and more effectively deflect blows with their shields - both magical and physical. The Reflect Shield skill allows the student to be as efficient with a shield as with a wand and also double the effectiveness of shield block. It also gives an innate chance to add your physical damage Absorb value to the reduction of magical damage in percents of damage dealt.
* Dragon-head Staff and Uncanny Dodge skills practice has moved to the Schools of Wisdom.
* Armor of Faith ability can now be learned by those, who master the arts of Nature as a Barbarian (i.e. Barbarian Guilds).
* Firm Grip ability has been removed. Dual Wielding skills now have its affect, but only up to 90% invulnerability to Disarm and the such.
* We have made changes to more linearly scale magical damage and also made some changes to the Stealth skill.

Miraclous items have the very essence of Mother Nature only waiting to be extracted. There is even a tool for that sold in Alchemist Shops everywhere. There is of course a part of Natures essence to be extracted and the chance to successfully extract it depends on the amount of this certain level of Her care bestowed on the item. The chance roughly is Current Durability divided by 156 yet not less than 5% and no higher than 50.

In order to enchant an item with such an essence you will need a blueprint matching the level of the item you want to enchant and the item itself. Blueprints are known to be sold by certain dwarves in the depths of Undercity.

2007-04-11: On to the elements..
There have been changes to the combat elemental spells.
Since now you are allowed to trigger a combo that produces an affect resulting in:
-Fire: burning of your opponent;
-Cold: disabling your opponent;
-Lightning: resolving the problem.

These affects will work if you succeed in your primary offensive magic three times to know. Religious attempts count.

We have also divided the levels of Survival Specialist to three. This way you will gain 2 hp/level each time you gain the proficiency in the Specialist Survivor.

2007-04-11: Enchant Scrolls
Items, level of which is higher than 260, will be enchanted by scrolls of 260th.
There were pieces of equipment distilled to shops that will allow you to extract and alloy essence of fabulity.

You can now use the wimpy command with an argument to set and reset the level of health in percents you would like your characters to try fleeing the combat.

Cure Self and Heal spells effect is now divided by two if it is you yourself a target. It works formally otherwise.

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