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2007-10-19: Incognito
A doppel command has been added that will prevent players near you from identifying your character. The cost of this service is 20 pt for 1 hour of affect (not cumulative).

Dealers now have the ability to recycle personal artifacts to return a part of the production cost (90 pt for weapons, 30 pt for rings and neck-wear and 60 pt for everything else).
Dealers has also been given the ability to change personal artifact weapon type. The cost for such an operation is 500 pt.

Please address your questions regarding Dark Swords extra sevices to characters tagged `Dealer`.

Two brand new lines of footwear for magic users have been added to the Artifact Stores.

We have addressed your petitions and proudly present a whole new line of non-personal artifacts to match the requirements of regular items: these include Armor with Dexterity requirement that grants Dexterity and HP when worn and many more.

A new line of footwear has been introduced to the artifact stores. It has been imbued to grant Strength to the owner. The characters of 220 through 260 levels will enjoy the new assortment of Strength, Dexterity and Constitution helmets.

The Dog Wool Belt and Wooden Mask accessories has had their parameters and cost put inline with other such items.

Have fun!

2007-10-13: Vampires

Players below 50-th level cannot catch it or be infected!
1st stage: Vampirism can be cured with bottles with sacred water. It cannot infect others. Duration of the stage: 6 hours.
2nd stage: Can be treated by "sacred Graal". Can infect others (when killing other players). Efficiency of treatment/healing by magic is 50 %. Cures itself with 25 % inflicted damage.
Duration of the stage: 12 hours.
3rd stage: Not possible to cure at this moment.
It can infect others players. Treatment/healing by magic is disconnected totally. Cures itself on 33 % infected damage even if missing. Can sometimes be teleported out of the fight if Health is below 25% (Character must not be stunned or tranqalised). During the day time character will not regenerate any HP and will also lose 1% of Mana for each round.
Duration: infinitive

PS: has not yet been inbursed to the game

2007-10-12: Magic Barrier
The Magic Barrier zone has been closed for maintenance, but of course a walkaround has been added. The citizens who were already there have been moved to Arkijah Town.

2007-10-05: Celebration
Today is the 7th year anniversary of High Tower Entertainment. To celebrate this occasion there will be 4x Gold until Server Restart on Saturday.

The lamp from Max ibn Hottab can grant three wishes, but there is a difference from the settled tradition, Gin grants his own wishes. They can be positive or negative
• 1HP & 0 MP on user
• 1 minute Stun for the person who used the lamp
• 1HP for the whole group
• Knockes down the whole group
• Riposte on the user
• Dispell on the whole location.
• Knockes down everybody in the location.
• Freezes & Shockes the one who used the lamp.
• Shockes all who are in the location
• Full HP & MP for the one who used
• Full HP & MP to the whole group
• Teleports the one who used to the ”born location”
• Teleports the whole group to their ”born location”
• Sanctuary for 20 minutes
• Grace from the Gods
• Resurection of dead monsters with max gold (Fertility Goddest)
• Full protection for the one who used lamp (all protection buffs exept sanctuary)
• Chat silence for 5 minute
• One more lamp appears

The parameters on regular artifacts of 3 wear types: waist, chest and neck have been modified. Check the artifact stores for details. A few helms for magic users (220th and 260th levels) have also been added.

We are updating regular (not personal) artifacts in order to make more players interested in them. The regular artifacts which will be changed so they cost less then they used to will be removed from the possessions of their owners and the old cost of such artifacts in platinum will be added to their owners bank accounts. It is now possible to use Platinum Bars to add essences to regular artifacts as well as personal ones. However the regular artifacts that has not been updated yet will receive the increase of Wondrous bonuses as if they were artifacts with added grade of 0.4.

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