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2018-02-01: New Quest Avaible
New quest with BIG virt-plat prize availble in Arkijah.

2018-01-10: Stalker mode
A new Stalker mode is available at the Stairway to Heaven (Star) window. Duration: 60 minutes. Gives the effect for an hour: x1.5 gold from monsters and mutations (3-5 Ingredients), but effect of Insurance and Curse of Greed dont apply. Doesnt work simultaneously with the "Lonely Wolf" mode.

Now bidders do not know the overbought rate. Also they dont know who is the outbid leader for the region. If you made the highest bid, then in siege list in your game client you will see your clan name until someone will break the bet.

  • The correct operation of the new siege outbid system;
  • Added the amount input window for clan warehouse gold (you can enter a large amount), when you click the "Outbid" button;
  • Support the new Stalker mode;
  • Ability to save up to 4 backpack sets in the inn;
  • Fixed some bugs with incorrect chat messages.


2017-12-28: New Year Smiles
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2017-12-20: Rollback Bonuses
Dear players, today at 11:20 by the server time we had made a forced rollback to 7:00 by the server time in connection with a serious bug. We express our deepest apologies to all players. The players who were logged during the specified time will get a refund — 5 red prisms in the inn. Also we include bonuses until the day-daily rebbot restart on December 21th:
  • Damage vs Monsters: X 2.0;
  • Professions Experience: X 2.0;
  • Combat Experience: X 1.5;
  • Religion Experience: X 1.5;
  • No durability loss in either PVP or PVE;
  • Bounty mission rewards: X 1.5 (valid for missions started during event)

  • The change of artifact modifier type is now free (instead of 2pt);
  • The approximate end time of gifts and Eternal Flowers, along with a subscription counter now displayed in the artifacts store at the game site;

Now, 10 players will be selected by the number of coins, and only then will be distributed according to the card combinations. Priority of cards with the same combinations: according to the seniority of the cards in combination.

  • Now, the "recycle all" works at all crucible furnaces;
  • Essence of enhance no longer requires 2pt.

2017-11-21: Mogash Marks
Mogash store appeared in the upper right corner at Arkijah. Also we added Godly Quesses +25 to the items range.

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28% 23% 22% 27%

Draconian Knights
Forgotten Warriors

Travellers Well
09:22 16/10
Bandits Camp
05:52 16/10
19:24 15/10