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2017-08-01: Refund bonuses
Today for some time game server was not available. We apologize for the inconvenience and switch on the bonuses up to daily reboot on August 3.

- EXP from monsters x1.5
- Gold from monsters x2
- Religion EXP х1.5
- Profession EXP x1.5

2017-07-28: Fixes
- Fixed an issue with Skinning skill;
- Fixed an issue with profession gain in quest 4.2. The experience will be awarded within 24 hours;
- Fixed an issue with Focus Attack appearing as active after switching a clone;
- Increased the Mortal Enemy gold reward three-fold;
- Fixed an issue with Daily Bonus for 770 and more consecutive days;

2017-07-20: Skinning
A new profession "Skinning" has been added. Basic chance to get from the monster 2-3 ingredients = 0% for characters without religion and 20% for characters with religion. Each level of the profession increases this chance by 1.5%. Thus, with the 25th level of the profession, your character without religion will get 2-3 ingredients with 37.5% chance, and with religion 57.5%.

You increase "Skininng" levels with quests, which can be taken in a new area north of Arkijah Town.

  • Fixed the autowalk in "Hidden from lists" mode;
  • The quest window no longer closes while walking;
  • Other minor fixes;


The monster levels were increased, and now the Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy is allowed to use in the Ancient China area.

  • In the Yellow PvM Prisms instead of the Curse of Greed there will be x10 Druid Grindstones, and x50 in Red PvM Prisms.
  • In the Red PvP Prisms there will be 5 chests of Ocean Treasure of instead of 3.
  • Removed potion Spirit of Five Spheres from the Red PvP Prisms
  • The following potions have been added into the Red Prisms: The Choice of Religion Cup x2, Universal Trap for 1 min, Teleport to City in Clouds x2, Rune of Destruction x3, Platinum Heart x2
  • Also added Rune of Destruction x3 in the Red PvM Prisms.

  • Starting from June 20th, the Druid Grinstones unpacked from the chest will become soulbond;
  • The Traps x2 cost is reduced to 3 pt.

  • In the service store, you can create the Eternal Present (Flower) by yourself.
  • The Eternal Present upgrade for the Tournament Points decrased from 7 to 4 for 1 pt.
  • The Eternal Present can be created and upgraded for vplat.
  • The Eternal Present can be created and upgraded for gold at a rate of 4,000,000 gold per 1 pt.
  • You can upgrade Eternal Present for gold only up to 50%.
  • The genetics subscription has also become available for gold at the rate of 4,000,000 gold per 1 pt

2017-05-31: Quests Reward
In weekly PVM events ("Packman", "Monopoly", etc.) the winners are also designated by the number of points/tokens, but the reward in the form of Quest Points (QP) will be stable:
  • 1st place - 260 QP
  • 2nd place - 220 QP
  • 3rd place - 180 QP
  • 4th place - 140 QP
  • 5th place - 120 QP
  • 6th place - 100 QP
  • 7th place - 80 QP
  • 8th place - 60 QP
  • 9th place - 40 QP
  • 10th place - 20 QP

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19% 29% 32% 20%

Draconian Knights

Seastone Town
13:45 23/06
Goblins Mine
08:53 23/06
Iron Caves
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