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2018-06-09: Update Roulette
Now from roulette you can get about a hundred different prizes with different precipitation chance: from the rarest to the most running. With each server reboot will be formed a new set of prizes. Hope, you will get the rarest and most useful gifts!

2018-06-08: New achievements
Have added more than 60 new achievements to the game. Play and enjoy!

Religion kill announcements, and the clan war announcements about victories and defeats should now specify the character names of Doppelganger characters unless those are under the “Hidden from Lists” service effect.

The backstab formula was slightly changed (dmg increased).

The Testament of Life gives more HP at fist guild lessons now. But after the 10th level it gives slightly less HP than before.

Religion ranks will no longer provide any benefit during tournaments.

  • The characters hints in the minimazed list "Who is near" is moved to the left (from below);
  • Minor bugfixes.


  • Prisms and runes are no longer given for login, killing monsters and players;
  • All prisms (blue, yellow, red and from China) now will open without the Rune of Destruction;
  • Non-soulbond Runes of Destruction can be used like usual potions to get a Rouletter Tickets;
  • Offering to the Gods no longer requires a prism. Use instead the ritual_pvp and ritual_pvm commands;
  • Every 6 hours, 200+ lvl players get a free "Roulette Ticket" until the number of tickets reaches the maximum (check the currency window);
  • Players can play roulette and get valuable prizes for the tickets;
  • Players can buy tickets by themselves and permanently increase the maximum number of free tickets from 3 to 10;
  • Roulette tickets are also the bonus to your platinum purchase via dealers: 150 pt — 6 tickets, 500 pt — 25 tickets, 1000 pt — 60 tickets, 2000 pt — 200 tickets (if you have more than 5 tickets — the quick game become available);
  • There will be additional ways how you can get the Roulette Tickets in the nearest future.

Follow the news!

  • Support the Roulette;
  • Chat now supports links like https://;
  • Links in the chat and other windows (except the login window) are now opened in your default browser.


  • For the "Dark Soul" event. You can get 10 AP from 2:00 to 10:00 with a chance 25%, and from 17:00 to 00:00 with a chance 50%.
  • For the killing of the enemy under the Doppelganger effect, you can get 25 AP. If you have killed him in a group, the distribution is based on the principle of sharing trophies in a group.
  • The Potion "Remove Cooldown" is added to the Achievement Points store. The price is 25 AP.

2018-04-25: Pets and Stalker Mode
After the reboot on 04/26/2018, the ability of pets "Return Items" will not work if you die, being under the effect of Stalker.

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Warriors of God
Way to Freedom

Town Park
18:54 17/09
Hemp Field
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Iron Caves
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