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  • Fixed a bug (hope, last time) when character can get stuck at the tournament area;
  • Finally fixed the bug setting traps at the quest areas (also hope so);
  • Voodoo Doll no longer works as a clan trap;
  • Fixed a bug when it was possible to get neccessary bomb from the Set of Bombs;
  • Fixed a bug with in starting quests that were not work correctly;
  • Fixed some bugs in Trials ("kill 10 more of the same monsters").

  • Traps can no longer be installed in quest areas (including Mogash).
  • Pets names and their combat logs are hidden now for other players at the tournament.
  • Fixed unecessary messages about the tournament which ended ahead of schedule.

  • Any character who is currently a member of an opponent clan should now again get caught by Clan Trap (unless using Light Steps). If you manage to get to the trap location and initiate combat you (or the opponent if you overestimate your fighting ability) will receive (and lose) clan experience for the victory.
  • The subscription-based bonus to Religion Experience is no longer only taken in account if the character dealing the killing blow has an active subscription. Now the religion experience share will be multiplied by the individual bonus of every player who receives his or her share.
  • Friendly characters (clan co-members or members of your clan’s alliance) who are under Doppelganger effect will now have the clan emblem visible when in vicinity
  • The tournament phases after the very first one will now be over immediately when only 1 participant remains alive on the phase change
  • The who command (lists players in vicinity) will no longer work in any Tournament areas including the preparation area
  • Fixed an issue that caused humanoid monsters below level 300 to have access to advanced skills
  • Fixed an issue that allowed criminals to access safe zones after having unlocked the Ultra Speed skill

  • Dropped from monsters artifacts have increased durability 7 500 (only new ones).
  • The platinum exchange rate has been changed in accordance with the market
  • Quest "Altar Sacrifice Lv.1" and "Altar Sacrifice Lv.2" do not require religion exp for players with <60 religion lvl.
  • You cannot set traps at Arena now.

2017-01-13: Artifacts Trade
Now players can sell artifacts which that were dropped from monsters. The price depends on the coeff.

If you will have any troubles with trade, first try to clean data in launcher settings.

The cost of modification type change is reduced to 2 pt.

  • Added ability to search the Recipe List;
  • Added Chat Trackers to improve chat filtering. Chat Trackers allow to only display messages that match the tracker;
  • Fixed a display issue with the cost to create a clone;
  • Added a new location type support: "Under siege";


2017-01-10: Fixes: Items
  • Removed the title "Reign" from the gear and essences;
  • Modification (with essences) the artifact items no longer requires platinum;
  • The initial modification (the first time) cost 2 pt;

2016-12-27: Personal Bonuses
Do you want more bonuses? Also don’t want wait for weekend? We have included a new bonuses subscription, which will work at any time, regardless of the weekend! These bonuses are not summed up with others. Here, the list of bonuses:
  • Profession EXP x1.5
  • Religion EXP x1.5
  • Combat EXP x1.5
  • Bulletin Boards EXP x1.5
The subscription price for 3 days: 30pt, and 30 days: 150pt.

  • A clan that comes out of the alliance can not join another ally for a week after leaving;
  • After leaving the ally, members of the clan will not get clan and religion exp for killing their ex-ally members during a week.

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