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2018-03-31: 5th Quest Avaible
Last, 5th quest with a virtual platinum award is available in the Underground Town.

2018-03-30: Site: Rankings
The "Rankings" section has been completely translated and adapted to the design. Soon we will finish the adaptation of the site. Sorry for delay.

2018-03-25: Server Time
Dear users, we remind you that the server is working on the Time Zone of the Russian Federation. This country does not switch the clock to summer / winter time. Thus, if for you the server restart was at 11:00, it will happen at 12:00, etc.

If there are any problems on the server or site - we will fix them within 24 hours.

2018-03-21: Qinpai, Exchanger
  • The birds level will be increased 2 times;
  • The bird will be respawn once a day at 20:00 by server time;
  • Heavenly Office became a zone of chaos;
  • Platinum in the exchanger will be added on March 22 throughout the day;

  • You can throw out any stack of things from the backpack by double click with the pressed Alt key;
  • You can choose the chat beacon position in the settings: left or right side of the chat window;
  • The reverse timer after log in the game is removed;
  • The other players displaying process on the map is optimized. Lags should be significantly reduced in the cities;
  • Fixed a bug with the macros disappearance after learning lessons in guilds;
  • Fixed a visual bug with displaying the number of gold in the exchanger;


2018-02-28: Tournaments. Changes
In the new tournament of the season, tournament points will be awarded according to new rules:
  • Participation in the tournament: 1 point
  • Killing enemy: 2 points (there were 2 or 3 points)
  • Victory in the tournament: Cup + 1 point for every murder made in the tournament (there were 5 points)
  • Dwarves, as before, receive 2 points for the tournament
  • The monthly cup, as before, is given by the number of points

Players of the Orc race at next restart will receive an increased 2 times final chance to hit.

2018-02-22: China. Changes.
The Heavenly Office has now become a zone of religious wars.

2018-02-17: 3rd Quest Avaible
3rd quest with a virtual platinum award is available in the Everspring Town.

2018-02-09: Second Quest Avaible
The second quest with a virtual platinum award is available in the Ruby Fort. Pleasant passing.

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