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2018-10-01: Roulette
We have updated the prizes and rules of the Roulette:
  • Prize list for the roulette has undergone major changes. Chests originating from Prisms and many highly sought after consumables have been added
  • Increased the chances for the ultimate and uncommon prizes
  • The players will see their Roulette tickets count restored every scheduled restart (before - 6 hours) and the count will be immediately set to their personal maximum (before the tickets recovered 1 at a time)
  • The maximum number of free roulette tickets was reduced to 5 (before - 10)
  • The players will begin their journey with only 1 free ticket (before - 3)
  • Every player that has spent currency (150 pt) to increase their Roulette ticket limit will have the currency back in their possession

  • Now the price for a temporary present is calculated regardless of the bonus % of current gifts;
  • For killing Doppelgangers players now receive 10 AP, for DarkSoul event - 5 AP;
  • Now player can recive more than 3 presents "Powerup". No matter % of presents;
  • Bulletin Boards give EXP only as reward for 360+ level players (after server reboot 17th of August);

2018-07-21: Gift changes
  • The Powerups are shown in Gift shop now. You can remove them, but dont change the stats;
  • The gift cooldown time is shown in the tips now (test mode).

  • It is now only possible to swap items in the hands of the character (weapon, shield and wand) when in combat.
  • Magic Mirror will also communicate the ID of the location where the target is at.
  • Fixed an issue with the herbs not showing up when travelling extremely fast.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed character clones to take part in scheduled events disregarding the cooldown.

2018-07-12: Assortment of shops
  • In the store, for Achievement Points, u can buy Powerup of 3% and 5% appeared at a price of 25 AP and 40 AP, respectively. Strengthenings are now sold in chests to choose from.
  • In the Platinum Alchemical Shop appeared Indulgences on 7pt

Several new grand prizes added to the Big Hunt quest. There is now a greater chance that you will get Translucent Bag or Blue Prism, and slightly lower chance to get Yellow Prism, with an ever smaller chance to get Red Prism.

Controlling the territory marked as Resident Alchemist will now generate 1 random teleport every day instead of 3.

2018-07-04: Region Bonuses
The regions clans can have under their control were all assigned specific types. They can also now gain levels. Controlled lands now produce useful items for the owner clans with chance that varies from 40 to 100% depending on the land level:
  • Close to water : 40% - Improved Jig, 30% - Fishing Pole, 20% - Spincast Rod, 10% - Ice Fishing Set
  • Fertile ground : 20% - Sapropel х100, 20% - Potash х100, 20% - rrigation Water х100, 15% - Mechanic Mower, 15% Lifegiving Seed, 10% Druidic Grindstone х50.
  • Resident alchemist : 10% - One of 10 variants of 3 teleports to different regions
  • Gold vein : 75% - 1 000 000 gold, 20% - 5 000 000 gold, 5% - 15 000 000 gold
Warning! The items generated by this mechanism are Soulbound and bind to the character who retrieves them from Clan storage!

The maximum region level is 5. Below is the detailed level benefits table:
  • Level 1 – 40% chance of producing items
  • Level 2 – 50% chance, +25% damage to monsters during sieges
  • Level 3 – 60% chance, +50% damage to monsters during sieges
  • Level 4 – 70% chance, +75% damage to monsters during sieges
  • Level 5 – 100% chance, +100% damage to monsters during sieges
The region level can be increased by any clan member using “Set of Tools” when physically located in the region. The region level will reset back to 1 when the region changes hands. You can receive the Set of Tools item as a Roulette prize, purchase it by spending 3 Conquest points, or for 3 platinum.

All information about regions, their owners and levels is available on the siege pages.

2018-07-02: Holiday Shop
Updated assortment of products in Holiday Shop (# 20570). Be careful with alcohol;)

Game rankings are now divided into 3 types: permanent rankings (what we have right now), season rankings and the universal annual ranking.

Season Rankings
Seasonal rankings get reset on the 1st day of every month. First 10 places in most of the rankings get roulette tickets (20 to 11). Top 3 players in a seasonal ranking will also receive a cosmetic present to brag about that does not bestow any character stats. The players who reach the top rank in a seasonal ranking will also be granted a title that (see Title Window). Both the gifts, and the title will be taken away on the next season rank reset, unless the player confirms their place in the ranking.
Available season rankings:
  • Religion experience received while in a party
  • Religion experience received while not in a party
  • The number of Mogash Uprising Keys looted from monsters during the quest
  • Criminals (killing player characters unlawfully)
  • Guardians (killing player characters who are outlaws)
  • Number of kills (to not be mistaken with experience) during clan war or siege
  • Religion experience gained when defeating characters who are either Doppelganger or Hidden from Lists or both
  • Religion experience gained while under Doppelganger or Hidden from Lists effect
  • Leaders of clans who control the highest number of lands (calculated every server restart). The prizes are distributed to top 3 clan leaders.
  • Profession experience gained (all professions excepts Skinning)
  • Treasures found (top 3 places only)
  • Leprechauns and Ogres defeated (top 3 places only)
  • Gold looted from monsters
  • Total worth of items looted from monsters (gold)
  • Merit gained for completing Bulletin Board quests
  • Tournament ranking (old ranking, takes into account available Tourney Points and the rewards are the same +Stats gifts and roulette tickets)

WARNING! During under-the-hood mode which begins on 28.06.2018 and will continue until 1st of July 2018 the rankings will be used to tweak the website display. The reset on 1st of July 2018 will not grant any rewards. Once the rankings are reset it will be time to get in and compete, because the next reset will indeed reward the top ranked players handsomely. Ranking information is expected to become available in the Character Information window very soon!

Annual Ranking
Top 10 (and for some rankings – top 3) places in the season ranking each grant a number of Annual Ranking points to the players. At the end of the year the tally of Annual Ranking points will be calculated and even bigger prizes will be distributed to the players on 1st January every year. Please stay tuned for information about the annual rewards.

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