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Now the server automatically updates all presents on players every 15 minutes . You dont need a reini now!

Right after posting this news, we allow to set up to 3 private shops in one location. Ask dealers for details, and check if the location is free HERE. The admins will take orders via dealers today until the midnight (00:00 by server time). Then, in usual way, as orders are received.

The rules of determining the winners have changed. Now we will determine 10 winners by the senior combinations, and if the several players will have the same combinations, they will be ranked by the number of сhips.

  • Added ability to save up to 2 sets of currently carried inventory items in the Inn / Bar area. The players can use these to save and then quickly retrieve the items, or replenish the current inventory from Inn or Bar;
  • When replacing, selling or buying items, and when dragging items with CTRL held the window to enter count of item will now additionally have the picture of the item;
  • It should now be an option to dismiss mentor after reaching 200 character combat level (not possible previously). This update is planned to be gradually released during the next 3 days after the client version release;
  • The Acorns will again take place of the Halloween Pumpkin;
  • Added "Burn All" context menu option to every Furnace in existance.


  • "Boon of Plenty" (Demeters Gift) gold multiplier was reduced to 1.5. It will continue to stack with other effects and Divine Generosity (changed several days ago);
  • Offering to the Gods will now trigger for players under Doppelganger effect;
  • If the players fail to offer anything to the Gods five times in a given hour the event will continue next hour;
  • Offering will have less tendency to pick the same player twice in a row;
  • Doppelganger will no longer receive gold and platinum transfers via sendpt and sendgold;
  • Fixed an issue with bulletin boards exclusively picking Unique monsters as mission targets;

2017-08-01: EXP bonus correction
Fixed a bug in the experience bonus with monsters (including subscription). If you have activated the paid subscription for bonuses from July 20 to today, write a ticket or ask mods/helpers in game and we will refund the full cost.

2017-08-01: Refund bonuses
Today for some time game server was not available. We apologize for the inconvenience and switch on the bonuses up to daily reboot on August 3.

- EXP from monsters x1.5
- Gold from monsters x2
- Religion EXP х1.5
- Profession EXP x1.5

2017-07-28: Fixes
- Fixed an issue with Skinning skill;
- Fixed an issue with profession gain in quest 4.2. The experience will be awarded within 24 hours;
- Fixed an issue with Focus Attack appearing as active after switching a clone;
- Increased the Mortal Enemy gold reward three-fold;
- Fixed an issue with Daily Bonus for 770 and more consecutive days;

2017-07-20: Skinning
A new profession "Skinning" has been added. Basic chance to get from the monster 2-3 ingredients = 0% for characters without religion and 20% for characters with religion. Each level of the profession increases this chance by 1.5%. Thus, with the 25th level of the profession, your character without religion will get 2-3 ingredients with 37.5% chance, and with religion 57.5%.

You increase "Skininng" levels with quests, which can be taken in a new area north of Arkijah Town.

  • Fixed the autowalk in "Hidden from lists" mode;
  • The quest window no longer closes while walking;
  • Other minor fixes;


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