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  • After killing an enemy, the player gets points = the enemys religion level, but not less than 30.
  • Players get 5 points for killing monsters.
  • Respawn points became safe zones.

  • A platinum shop appeared in the quest zone where you can buy the Templar Compass (1pt), with which you can find the Heretic;
  • The prize points for winners are determined by the formula: Token + (Heresy / 300)

This new mechanics is intended to facilitate the mostly fair 1-on-1 PVP combat. As soon as two character enter combat while being in a location that lacks any other player characters each has an option to trigger the Non-intervention Sphere. A button will appear replacing the “attack” button pressing which signifies the willingness to fight 1-on-1. Once applied, the Sphere will take effect after 30 seconds provided no other player character ventured into the location. If both players engaged in combat press the button the Sphere will be created at once. The Sphere protects the characters from being attacked (or helped) by any other character. Solo mode is not available inside Quest zones which include Ancient China territory.

2018-10-10: Leveling Speed-up
We have dramatically speed up the rate with which the characters gain levels before reaching level 300. We are now in progress of improving the Rainbow Kingdom quest portfolio to ensure the character growth is dynamic and engaging. We have also overhauled the hints about character progression in the Guilds UI. The PVP prowess is now under the spotlight, instead of PVE.

2018-10-09: Changes
  • Roulette tickets are now issued at midnight by server time.
  • Most monsters in the world have ceased to be aggressive.
  • Genetics potions stopped working.

2018-10-06: Genetics
Having performed some tests we finally decided to enable several Genetics effects universally for all our users. The following genetics effects are now permanently active: Gene of Power, Speed, Might, Mind, Race, Mana Shield and Sanctuary. Please note that the compensation for extended inventory and genetics subscription are still ongoing.

  • After killing an enemy, the player gets points = the enemys religion level, but not less than 30.
  • Players get 2 and 5 points for killing monsters.

  • Inventory extension will now be available for every player free of charge and is no longer thus a subscription. The relevant quests were also removed.
  • Genetics are no longer available via a subscription, or potions.
If you have an active subscription or require reimbursement for your losses please contact your dealer.

Starting 1 November 2018 we are phasing out several consumables. Non-soulbound varieties of these consumables can be sold to the shops. This is the list with prices:
  • Potion of Divine Absorb - 3 millions gold
  • Potion of Divine Empathy - 10 millions gold, 2 platinum
  • Potion of Divine Reflect - 10 millions gold
  • Elixir of Divine Generosity - 20 millions gold
  • Divine Power-up - 1 million gold

The Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy is not being phased out just yet, but it will continue to have effect only in the Ancient China lands. Also, because the Potion of Divine Empathy will no longer be available, we are working to make most of the aggressive monsters a lot more peaceful, excluding some of the very stubborn monsters local to the Ancient China.

2018-10-01: Roulette
We have updated the prizes and rules of the Roulette:
  • Prize list for the roulette has undergone major changes. Chests originating from Prisms and many highly sought after consumables have been added
  • Increased the chances for the ultimate and uncommon prizes
  • The players will see their Roulette tickets count restored every scheduled restart (before - 6 hours) and the count will be immediately set to their personal maximum (before the tickets recovered 1 at a time)
  • The maximum number of free roulette tickets was reduced to 5 (before - 10)
  • The players will begin their journey with only 1 free ticket (before - 3)
  • Every player that has spent currency (150 pt) to increase their Roulette ticket limit will have the currency back in their possession

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