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2015-09-29: Clones backpacks
Now each clone has its own backpack and equipment. This means each clone can be organised separately without the need to change each time you switch clone. Moving things between clones backpacks can still be done using the inn or clan bar.

Subscription for backpack expansion will be shared between clones.

This update will be in effect after the server reboot of 29 sep 2015.

2015-09-25: Weekend Bonuses
Hurry up to use them for the next days only (25-27 of September, 2015). Enjoy these bonuses:
  • Combat Experience: X 2.0;
  • Religion Experience: X 2.0;
  • Clan Expreience: X 2.0;

2015-09-25: Pets changes (vote)
We have started a vote on forum due to few pets changes. Join right now!

After the restart, 25 sep 2015, there will be possible to submit siege at the Arkijah and Ruby Fort.

  • Fixed pets guilds;
  • Oppotunity to send 5 smileys/items/clan badges instead of 3;

!!! Deadly blow Order no longer gives the effect of one hit kill. Each lesson of Order now adds 5% to the physical and magical damage. The Guild is still in balanced mode and its effect can be changed.

The redistribution counter is reseted for all players.


  • Now, the siege war began only when the siege has started;
  • The mentorship switched on again. But clones don’t give gold and mentor points;
  • Fixed a bug on game site that was not correctly displayed some Stickers;
  • During the day we will update the client with fixed pets guild;

  • The inn and bar spaces were increased x2 (both slots and items amount);
  • The expanded inn and bar spaces were increased x3 (both slots and items amount);
  • Now players cannot switch between clones in quests areas;
  • Now, if you have several extractors stacks in inventory the process of extraction will be failed. There was an error before, when every stack loses durability.
  • The bug with 0 HP and 0 MP after login is fixed.

  • Now you can change any Eternal Present parameter by yourself at the Atrifact Store.
  • Now stickers are displayed correctly while viewing character info at the site.
  • With disabled "Show stats" option besides parameters will be also hidden the names of equipped items at the game site.

2015-09-22: Eraser
New item "Eraser" is available in the Alchemical shop for 100,000 gold. Drag it to any equipped items slot to remove the sticker. For success operation you should put an item to appropriate slot. Eraser is disposable.

2015-09-22: Hotfixes:
  • Fixed fishing.
  • Fixed a bug in the site store. Now, if you do not have enough vplat the usual pt will be used. This error caused troubles with genetic subscription.
  • ИFixed login if a player has characters with “.com” and without it with the same passwords.
  • Fixed daily bonus bug, if player has a clone <100 level.

Please, if you find a bug, write us about it in the forum or by contacting via ticket. Thank you.

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