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From now on, there will be items with alternative requirements to the parameters: Helmet: the variant with the requirement as CON and DEX; Shield: CON or STR; Cloak: DEX or CON; Armor: DEX or CON.
Things with non-standard requirements drop much more rarely than usual items. They visually do not differ in any other way.

2007-06-28: Quest on 30th of June
Due to resent good progress in voting we will run a quest this Saturday 30th of June at 22.00 GMT.
For more details see:
Topic on Forum

Also keep in mind to vote daily for DS at MPOG TOP (top one)

2007-06-27: Clan Message
Clan_set_motd –is a new command available for clan leaders. Leader can leave a messege to the whole clan. That message will be shown to all clan members when they log in the game (after the notification of clan wars).

2007-06-19: Vote for DS
Due to good voting result and spirit from our players we will run a quest in two weeks. On 30th of June. Keep up the good work and remember to vote daily!

2007-06-17: Reflection & Soaking
Reflection of damage by Soaking & Reflection has lost it value by half when engaging a character who doesn’t have criminal status.
Soaking and Reflection has the same effect as before when it comes to Criminals and Monsters.
Mirror Shields effect on reflecting damage has not been changed.

2007-06-13: Murderers
Attacking a character who is not flagged as Criminal and is not a valid religion conflict target and is not a member of a clan currently in war with your clan will tag you criminal for 5 minutes.

Murdering a character who is not flagged as Criminal and is not a valid religion conflict target and is not a member of a clan currently in war with your clan will tag you criminal for 20 minutes.

Criminals are not allowed to enter Safe Zones.

2007-06-06: Anubis’ Treasury
Congratulations to BlackMark and all who aid him in the killing of Imhotep.
Anubis has successfully dug up ancestors treasures and flee to his Lair. On Sunday there will be given a one way ticket to his Lair. All who wish can use the ticket and pursue mighty Anubis.
Warning to all adventures. You will face darkness, traps and life threatening dangers out there. Don’t worry though u will be resurrected in our world if you die out there! Many treasures awaits adventures who goes there and who knows. Maybe u will be able to take down the mighty Anubis himself?
PS: To get to Anubis chamber u have to wait until our wizards will be able to find a way.. While they search for his chamber you should be careful and use your time wisely, because there is something out there – in the dark…

Quest will begin at the same time as the first part. At 22.00 GMT

Anubis has managed to escape from his World into ours, thanks to the death toll on the tournament. He has set up a Lair in our realm and will head out on Saturday to dig up ancient treasures in the land of the East, in the place were wild camels are running and mighty Djins spend their centuries, he will find and dig up mighty artifacts...
All who wish great treasures or want to test their strength are free to come and try to take it from Anubis. But be aware that the deserts don’t like the unwelcome guests and Anubis will not give away his treasures willingly either. Also watch out for your fellow adventures who will not hesitate to attack.
This quest is open-ended, part two on Sunday will be created according to the ending in part one.
Remainder: Quest will begin on:
22.00 London Time
01.00 Moscow Time
07.00 Japan Time
17.00 EST
16.00 CST
14.00 PST

This Saturday and Sunday (09.06.07 & 10.06.07) there will be a grand two part quest. The Quest will begin approximately at 22.00 GMT (London Time) both days. We strongly recommend you to participate. More information will come out soon.

2007-06-04: Cursed Regions
In game there are regions which are dangerous to life. In these regions your character will lose on 1 % of life for each 2 seconds. At present, cursed regions are: the Flame River (fire burns your legs and heat melts your armor) and the Poison Brook (poison gas is dangerous to your health).

Enhanced Monsters
Due to an outbreak of pure magic at Magic Barrier area theres been following changes for about 1/20th of the population of worlds inhabitants. You might now meet monsters much more difficult and rewarding than you ever had seen. Its to our demise they are using their strength and only the strongest, or most protected or vigilant will survive. Now we introduce you to a whole new hell of enhanced monsters.

These include:
- The Vampire - that will stockpile damage as their health;
- the Champion - triple as tough and strong as noone;
- the Fanatic - who is a zealot of his cult and thus not afraid of anything;
- the Possessed - whos demon controls and bestows unnatual health on the host;
- the Death Aura boss - which diverts all damage done to it to the attacker;
- the Spectre - which is transparent and will flee thru teleporting;
- the Absorb Aura boss - which averats two thirds of damage dealing same to the attacker;
and many more to come.

With the command auto_focus it is now possible to establish a mode of automatic use of skill Focus of Attack in fight

2007-06-02: Light Client
A light game client with some limits of your characters game play and general abilities has been introduced to the game.
To get full access please download the full and latest game client version. To access the light game client select and press Enter on the top of the page.

2007-05-30: Platinum Purchase
A new option to buy platinum is now available. You can purchase platinum through our new purchase through credit card system. Platinum Purchase For more information about this contact players with Dealer/Trader status to the right of their nickname.

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