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2017-05-30: Platinum Rate
Platinum can be sold now at a rate of 4 500 000 gold per 1 pt.

  • The cost of 1 Mogash Mark reduced to 50 keys (in 2 times);
  • The cost of items for Mogash Mark now is equal for price in platinum (raised up to 2 times);
  • In the store for Mogash Marks added: Magical Scanner, Call of Heart, Religion Cup for Choose, Trap for Choose, Magnet, Platinum Heart, Teleport for Choose (including Return to Baken), Potion of Secret Source, Ares Sacrifice, Racial Ability to Choose, Artemis Tear, Teleport City in Clouds, Elixir of Permanence, Remove Cooldown, Set Beacon, Magic Mirror, Evaporator.
  • Mogash Marks can be purchased now in an ordinary Alchemical store at a price of 4 000 000 for 1 piece.

  • Fixed the gold drop chance from humanoid monsters according to new coefficients;

Platinum alchemy stores are also available in the regions:
  • Snake Temple
  • Fishers Village
  • Mage School
  • Iron Caves
  • Royal Palace
  • Ruby Traders Camp
  • Twilight Bay
  • Pygmy Village
  • Ruby Miners Village
  • Enigmatic Forest
  • Holy Village
  • Mutant Farm

2017-05-26: Monsters and fishing
  • The experience multipliers are removed. Now beasts and humanoids give the same amount of experience;
  • The "smartness" of humanoid monsters has been removed (cast selfbuffs);
  • Gold from humanoids is increased x1.5 in religion conflict zones and x2 in chaos zones, if a character has an active religion. This rule does not apply to clan castles. Multipliers are stacked with other bonuses and potions;
  • In religion war zones: characters with active religion can loot up to 2 ingredients from monsters, and in chaos zones: up to 3 ingredients. Characters without religion can get more than 1 ingredient only in mutation areas (3-5 ingredients);
  • The cost of selling and processing the fish is reduced by 30%.

The above multipliers may be adjusted to balance the gold amount in the game.

  • Fixed a bug when you can enter the peaceful zone with the "Outlaw" effect;
  • Now the leader and the cic can not cancel the war if one of them is catched in a clan trap;
  • Now the mutes of characters in hidden from lists will be shown. Do not break chat rules, if you want to be not detected.

2017-05-07: Victory Day

Administration of Dark Swords congratulate you on the upcoming Victory Day! We wish you never know war, live in peace, without forgetting the great deeds of our ancestors.

From May 8-10 there will be following bonuses:
  • Damage vs Monsters X 2.0;
  • Profession Experience: X 2.0;
  • Religion Experience: X 2.0;
  • Clan Experience: X 2.0;
  • Combat Experience X 2.0;
  • Bounty mission rewards: X 2.0 (valid for missions started during event)

We enabled extra weekend bonuses that will last until the planned server restart 27 April.

  • Fixed a bug when sometimes during the outbidding the clan siege didnt appear the proper message;
  • If the alliance that controls the kingdom falls apart, the kingdom is considered to be no mans land. There occurs an error, when the kingdom belonged to a nonexistent alliance
  • Now being trapped (including clan trap) you are not allowed to accept, refuse war or capitulate.

2017-04-12: Easter

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