Allows to stun the enemy in a battle. Stunned characters aren’t able to undertake elementary actions as somehow to move, to fight, use the magic etc. Works out in a battle automatically if the character has studied at least one level of the skill and in the slot of main or additional weapons the maul or its analogue is present. Is studied in the Guild of Maulers (Middle School of Power is required).

Attention!!! The stunning does not work if the enemy has a spear in the slot of weapons! In this way, spear is a protection of your character from stunning by the enemy.

Formulas Formulas

SH = Lev / 3 + 1, where

SH - Chance of working out;

Lev - Level of skill.

Time = Lev / 3 + 2, where

Time - Duration of stun in seconds;

Lev - Level of skill.

28% 20% 31% 21%

Black Scorpions
Way to Freedom
Draconian Knights
South Park

Dead Swamp
14:08 21/01
Brown Mountains
14:07 21/01
Cows Farm
14:07 21/01