Allows putting the second weapon in a slot of shield, with this, the chance of the stroke and the loss of second weapon will depend on a level of graduating the guild. Is studied in the Guild, Elite Guild, Academy of Battle Arts, and also in the school, Middle School and High School of Fencing. The uniqueness of study is that you can study 20 levels separately in one of development branches, or either you can stydy all 40 levels, with this the chance of a stroke and the loss of second weapon will be equal to 125%. The skill also increases the chances of the character not to get disarmed.

Formulas Formulas

S = 25 + Lev * 2.5, where

S - % From the base Loss and Chance of a Stroke;

Lev - Level of Skill.

The chance of the character not to get disarmed is calculated after formula given above but cannot exceed 90%.

29% 21% 24% 26%

Draconian Knights
South Park
Forgotten Warriors

Brown Mountains
17:48 22/10
Cows Farm
18:56 22/10
Seastone Sewers
19:39 22/10