In the world of Dark Swords, together with the system of Skills and Magic, there are also Religion Skills. By increasing religion levels, the player will receive access to Religion Cults, where they can receive unique abilities, making their character significantly stronger. Religion skills are passive, meaning they do not require any action from the player to be triggered and are active by default.

Religion skills can be divided into 3 types:

  1. Attacking: Double Hit, Double Magic, Critical Hit, Critical Magic, Surprise Hit, Mental Hit, Triple Hit, Triple Magic. These are skills which make your character attack stronger.
  2. Defensive: Double Defense, Double Resist, Critical Resist, Critical Defense, Precognition, Mental Defense, Triple Defense, Triple Resist. These skills allow the player to protect themselves from the skills listed above. When the guilds are fully studied, the chance to protect your character from the skills above will be 100%.
  3. Stat boosting: Testament of Life, Testament of Violence, Testament of Knowledge, Testament of Accuracy, Testament of Hatred, Testament of Wind, Testament of Elements.

You can calculate the success chance of Religion skills here.

Double Magic

Protection from Double Magic

Double Hit

Protection from Double Hit

Testament of Life

Testament of Violence

Testament of Knowledge

Critical Magic

Critical Resist

Critical Hit

Critical Defense

Mental Hit

Mental Defense

Testament of Accuracy

Testament of Hatred

Surprise Hit


Testament of Wind

Testament of Elements

Triple Hit

Protection from Triple Hit

Triple Magic

Protection from Triple Magic

20% 29% 31% 20%

Forgotten Warriors

Hemp Field
06:07 20/06
Bandits Camp
20:45 20/06
20:23 20/06