List of statuses in the game and its abilities

Administrtor Admin (Administrator) – creators of the game, gods of the game world DarkSwords. Have unlimited possibilities.

Moderator Moder (Moderator) - players, whose purpose of being is a creation of comfortable and cosy atmosphere in DarkSwords chat. Can impose silence, send to hard labour.

Dealer Dealer (Dealer) - players, who make financial operations. Only they have a possibility to sell platinum for real money. Dealers can also be a guarantors in any deals between players.

Trader Trader (Trader) – helpers of Dealers in currency operations. Traders are appointed by dealers (Dealer) and are absolutely responsible for finanacial activity. Traders cannot be guarantors in deals between players.

Helper Helper (Helper) - players, called to help to newcomers to get acquainted with the world of DarkSwords. Helpers help by giving advises, they will suggest where to seek the information you are interested in.

Pastor Pastor (Pastor, Priest) - players, who are able to hold official wedding ceremonies.

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Black Scorpions
Warriors of God
Dream Team

Travellers Well
14:07 22/08
Bandits Camp
20:20 21/08
South Wooden Fort
01:33 22/08