Combat Magic

Healing Magic

Spells with temporary effects

Protection from Fire, Cold, Lightning

Steel Body, Tiger's Strength, Cat's Grace, Wisdom of the Owl

Bear's Blood

Mirror Shield


Aura of Renewal

Iron Skin

Colossal Endurance

Astral Carnival

Distracted Gaze

Dispel Magic



Locate Beacon

Additions and changes

28 of November 2007. The given addition relates to following incantations (buffs):

Tiger's Strength, Cat's Grace, Owl’s Wisdom, Steel Body, Stability of Collosus, Frenzy, Mirror Shield, Bear’s Blood, Protection from Fire, (Cold, Lightning), Aura of Renewal.

Buffs to others – application of buffs to other characters.

- Buffs (not depending on level) to others: 10 minutes.

- Buffs (not depending on level) to yourself: 20 minutes.

- Buffs of potions: 15 minutes.

- Buff potions of 3rd level in the shops of innate towns (incomplete set).

- Mana expense to buffs does not depend on effects already cast.

- Mana expense to application of incantation Dispel Magic does not depend on the cost of effects.

- Decreasing of health amount of characters up to ~200 level.

- Dispel Magic takes off: 10 minutes of action time.

- Lightning dispel effect takes off: 5 minutes of action.

24% 26% 26% 24%

Thug Life

Dead Swamp
20:57 18/09
Cows Farm
23:10 18/09
Goblins Mine
09:47 19/09