Halloween in DarkSwords!

We heartily congratulate you with the coming up Halloween! Despite all its frightening attributes, this holiday is an excellent occasion to have a great fun.

From 29th Oct until 2nd Nov , for every purchase of platinum you will get +25% extra platinum!

Also meet our old good friends: Skeletons in Seastone, Arkijah, Ruby Fort, Everspring Town and Black Town. Talk to them and get a candy, all quests are repeatable! Use item Candy to get Mogash Mark.

You can buy a unique pet "Witch" (Genie like) in the platinum alchemist store. Prepare for holiday!

Holiday bonuses are ON: x1.5 Religion EXP, x1.5 EXP from monsters, No durability loss for artifacts from monsters.

30% 21% 19% 30%

Forgotten Warriors
Thug Life

Fishers Seaside
09:20 24/05
Hemp Field
15:20 23/05
Dark Forest
19:29 23/05