Halloween in DarkSwords!

We heartily congratulate you with the coming up Halloween! Despite all its frightening attributes, this holiday is an excellent occasion to have a great fun.

From 30th Oct until 2nd Nov the Mogash Marks will be renamed to Candies. For every purchase of platinum you will get 30% extra as the Candies!

Also meet our old good friends: Skeletons in Seastone, Arkijah, Ruby Fort, Everspring Town and Black Town. Talk to them and get a candy, all quests are repeatable!

You can buy a unique pet "Witch" (Genie like) in the platinum alchemist store. Prepare for holiday!

Holiday bonuses are ON: x1.5 Religion EXP, x1.5 EXP from monsters, x1.5 Gold from monsters, x1.5 Damage to monsters.

And of course, the festive lottery in honor of Halloween! Halloween Pumpkins can be purchased at any Artifact Alchemy Store from 30th Oct to 2nd Nov. The lottery will open on 2nd Nov. Check the list of gifs below:

Easy Road Home (5 items) - Teleports character to the home town. No cooldown.

Mass Teleport to Travellers Well - Teleports you and all your group.

Mass Teleport to Dr Kronus - Teleports you and all your group.

Mass Teleport to Kingdom of Hades - Teleports you and all your group.

Mass Teleport to World of Myths - Teleports you and all your group.

Indulgence (5 items) - Take off one religion defeat.

Cults Supplies - Chest with religion loot.

Bomberman (3 items) - Contains bobms for choose.

Ice Fishing Set (2 items) - like a spinning, that you can use a dock.

Collapsing Space (5 items) - Closes the location in where the user is standing. You can exit from a closed location, even user if he will go out. Duration: 6 sec.

Gods Bounties - Chest with items for choose: Potion of Divine Intervention x10 or Potion of Divine Reflect x10 or Potion of Divine Absorb x10 or Potion of Divine Empathy x10 or Divine Power-up x10 or Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy x10 or Elixir of Divine Generosity.

Ancient Amphora for Choise x100 - Chest with MP or HP amphoras for choose.

Universal Mass Trap - The same as universal trap but affects to all enemies group.

Remove Cooldown (5 items) - Removes effect from character (both in or out combat).

Piece of Cake 10% - +10% HP/MP gift. Can be used over "spheres" limit. Only one simultaneously.

30% 21% 26% 23%

WAR is Coming
South Park
Way to Freedom

Dead Swamp
19:39 15/12
Goblins Mine
17:56 15/12
Grandads Battlefield
17:56 15/12