The region of Ancient China is one of the most difficult and interesting areas in the game. There is no place for weakness, all enemies are really unfriendly to you. Any monster or player wants to kill you there. The danger will follow you from the start to the end of all quests and journey. The recommended level is 360 and above. Required group: 5 and more players.

You can get into the zone by standing with a coin Object of Pride in the center of the lowest level of Abyss.

The following additional rules apply in the zone:
  • Aggressive monsters attack regardless of player level.
  • Potions that don't give an effect: Potion of Love, Potion of Divine Reflect, Potion of Divine Absorb, Potion of Divine Sympathy, Divine Power-up.
  • The effects of Burning, Rigor, Convulsions last no more than 2 seconds on monsters in this area, no matter how long they should be.
Useful tips!
  • Watch over the navigation joystick. The descents from star locations lead to Arkijah star.
  • In all regions before the Gate, the order of actions will be explained in quests. We advise you not to be lazy and read the descriptions. Try not use guides, it is not interesting, isn't it?
  • The \return command is working in the new area, that will return you to your home place anytime. It is not necessary for quests, but if you are stuck somewhere and do not know how to get out, you can use it.
  • There are peaceful, religion and chaos regions in new area. Be carefully.
  • Within the first month after the area opening, helpers will not help with the quest guides, also information about it will not be added to the library
  • Some monsters don't have a loot, and one of the six final award is not available yet. The new update with some special additions and new capabilities will be released at the end of summer.
  • Everything and everybody will try to kill you there, the quests will make you not only run around the new area, sometimes you will need to go back and repeat the difficult path to go further. This area is the really disloyal to the players. So, if you like to kill monsters with one hit, this zone is not for you. But if your enemies are sleeping or afraid to go out for battle, this is your chance, because only here you will find special rewards, that you cannot get in any other Dark Swords areas.

20% 29% 31% 20%

Forgotten Warriors

Hemp Field
06:07 20/06
Bandits Camp
20:45 20/06
20:23 20/06