Results for Cats quest are in! Uncle Ruckus destroyed the competition by winning 6 of the 8 prizes in their respective categories.

Brute Cat: Uncle Ruckus
Cat Abigore: Uncle Ruckus
Cat Jean-Pierre: trixie
Cat Rico: Uncle Ruckus
Cat Thomas: Uncle Ruckus
Meow Cat: Uncle Ruckus
Showoff Cat: Uncle Ruckus
Fluffy: trixie

All winners will be given an elixir with the pet. These pets will disappear in 30 days after using the elixir (90 days for Fluffy). After using the elixir, if the player previously had a pet, they will be given a summon elixir of the same type (if you had a wolf, you will be given a wolf summon elixir). When the summoned cat will disappear, simply use the summoning elixir to return your pet. Attention: you cannot revitalize the cat with another cat-summoning elixir.

34% 27% 20% 19%

Ninjas in Pyjamas
Black Scorpions

Seastone Sewers
03:29 18/02
Arkijah Town
09:13 17/02
Fish Market
20:46 17/02