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Dark Swords is a free online role-playing game of new generation. The action takes place in a unique world which doesn't have analogues. DarkSwords combines the traditional role-playing system with innovative approach to the game process implementation, character development and social aspect. You can join the players from all parts of the world right now for free!

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In honor of the Ukraine Independence Day we switch on the following bonuses and promotions, which will be prolonged until August 27th:
  • Buying platinum, get 25% from purchased platinum as a bonus.
  • We added a new familiar "Kozak" (Genie like) into Artifact Alchemy.
  • The centurion is appeared in Akijah City, who will give you two quests with special gifts.
  • x1.5 Religion EXP
  • x2 Professions EXP
  • x2 Bulletin boards EXP
  • x1.5 DMG to monsters
  • No durability loss for artifacts from monsters

  • Now the price for a temporary present is calculated regardless of the bonus % of current gifts;
  • For killing Doppelgangers players now receive 10 AP, for DarkSoul event - 5 AP;
  • Now player can recive more than 3 presents "Powerup". No matter % of presents;
  • Bulletin Boards give EXP only as reward for 360+ level players (after server reboot 17th of August);

  • Now you can hide the effects in separate effects window and in players hints;
  • Now you can copy stickers into the code for the forum;
  • Added clones hints in the "star" window;
  • Changed avi for Doppelgangers;
  • Fixed line wrapping bug after copying the logs in BB-codes and HTML;
  • Fixed list displaying bug in the "Mentors" window;


2018-07-21: Gift changes (Updates)
  • The Powerups are shown in Gift shop now. You can remove them, but dont change the stats;
  • The gift cooldown time is shown in the tips now (test mode).

  • It is now only possible to swap items in the hands of the character (weapon, shield and wand) when in combat.
  • Magic Mirror will also communicate the ID of the location where the target is at.
  • Fixed an issue with the herbs not showing up when travelling extremely fast.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed character clones to take part in scheduled events disregarding the cooldown.

  • In the store, for Achievement Points, u can buy Powerup of 3% and 5% appeared at a price of 25 AP and 40 AP, respectively. Strengthenings are now sold in chests to choose from.
  • In the Platinum Alchemical Shop appeared Indulgences on 7pt

Several new grand prizes added to the Big Hunt quest. There is now a greater chance that you will get Translucent Bag or Blue Prism, and slightly lower chance to get Yellow Prism, with an ever smaller chance to get Red Prism.

Controlling the territory marked as Resident Alchemist will now generate 1 random teleport every day instead of 3.

2018-07-04: Region Bonuses (Updates)
The regions clans can have under their control were all assigned specific types. They can also now gain levels. Controlled lands now produce useful items for the owner clans with chance that varies from 40 to 100% depending on the land level:
  • Close to water : 40% - Improved Jig, 30% - Fishing Pole, 20% - Spincast Rod, 10% - Ice Fishing Set
  • Fertile ground : 20% - Sapropel х100, 20% - Potash х100, 20% - rrigation Water х100, 15% - Mechanic Mower, 15% Lifegiving Seed, 10% Druidic Grindstone х50.
  • Resident alchemist : 10% - One of 10 variants of 3 teleports to different regions
  • Gold vein : 75% - 1 000 000 gold, 20% - 5 000 000 gold, 5% - 15 000 000 gold
Warning! The items generated by this mechanism are Soulbound and bind to the character who retrieves them from Clan storage!

The maximum region level is 5. Below is the detailed level benefits table:
  • Level 1 – 40% chance of producing items
  • Level 2 – 50% chance, +25% damage to monsters during sieges
  • Level 3 – 60% chance, +50% damage to monsters during sieges
  • Level 4 – 70% chance, +75% damage to monsters during sieges
  • Level 5 – 100% chance, +100% damage to monsters during sieges
The region level can be increased by any clan member using “Set of Tools” when physically located in the region. The region level will reset back to 1 when the region changes hands. You can receive the Set of Tools item as a Roulette prize, purchase it by spending 3 Conquest points, or for 3 platinum.

All information about regions, their owners and levels is available on the siege pages.

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Thug Life

Town Park
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Hemp Field
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Seastone Sewers
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